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Sunday, January 10, 2010

HT Super Doubles trip

I ran by Harris Teeter for a few Super Doubles trips...they were out of alot of the things that I went for...specifically the Special K cereal bars :-( But I had already prepared myself for that since I was going late in the sale and at night...both no-nos. I was still prepared with other coupons though and started looking for some of the other deals...I found them and am thrilled :-)
(This post is a bit different than my normal shopping trip bare with me)
I get questions all the time about why we do what we, let's do a little Q&A...shall we?

The Question: Why do I bother using coupons???

The Answer: See these 2 items below? Well, if I had walked into the grocery store and purchased these two items alone...without coupons...I would have paid (according to my receipt)$6.79 for the Nyquil and $3.29 for the Clorox wipes...that's just over $10 plus tax!
Now...take a look at what all I got for LESS than that same $10 bill using coupons:
That's right...I paid $7.93 (including tax) for everything that you see here!!!
2 Wholly Guacamole
2 Organic Valley cream cheese
1 Organic Valley heavy whipping cream
1 J&J baby oil
1 J&J baby soap
2 J&J baby powder
2 Fiber One yogurt (4pk)
2 Splenda granules
1 Splenda sticks
2 Weight Watchers snack cakes
2 Clorox wipes
2 Ziploc containers
1 Nyquil sinus
2 Ivory bar soap (3pk)
2 Lipton tea bags
3 Sun Crystals
8 Marie Calendar's meals
Question: Is it really worth my time and effort to put together deals and use coupons???
Answer: Ahhh...YEAH :-) Let's do the math...without coupons and sales those same items would have cost me about $100.00...but by spending about 2 hours of my time, I got them for under $8.00...that's a 92% SAVINGS!!!! So YES...I think it is WELL worth it!
Question: Do you really find coupons for the things that your family uses???
Answer: fact everything in this picture is something that my family uses frequently. Do you use Clorox wipes? How about sinus medicine? What about organic cream cheese or yogurt? Do you use iced tea or sugar??? How about soap? (I'm hoping
Of course you do...maybe not the brands that I bought...but you use most of this stuff too ;-) So why not get it for the best price? That is the real question :-)
Question: What do coupons have to do with being a better steward of God's blessings???
Answer: That's a grrrreat question...Coupons are just one avenue that we use as a family to be better stewards of God's stuff...I view the money that my family has as a blessing from God...if I can save some of that money by using coupons (being a good steward with God's money) than I can use that money for other getting out of debt, helping other families or sowing seed into other ministries (like our local church, Compassion International, Blood:Water Mission, etc.). I feel that is what God would expect us to do with our blessings :-)
Question: How can I learn how to do this???
Answer: There are lots of ways to make your money work harder and Faithful & Frugal would love to teach you how...Contact us about joining a class or hosting a class at your church. Be sure to join our blog email list to have the most current posts emailed to you. You can also join us on Facebook by becoming a fan on the Faithful & Frugal fan page :-)

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