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Monday, September 28, 2009

Coupon Preview ~ Sunday 9/27/09

This Sunday 9/27/09 you can expect 3 inserts in your paper:

1 Smartsource and 1 Red Plum and 1 P&G

Remember that CVS, Dollar Tree and Walgreens are still running a deal on the Sunday Tennessean for $1.00 each. Inserts vary by region and will always be better in the paper with the largest distribution!

Publix Penny Item ~ 9/27/09 & 9/28/09

The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Sunday & Monday, 9/27- 9/28, is:

Publix Bottled Water ~ 6 pack

This week's penny item is available with a $10 purchase (before coupons) and is only available on Sunday 9/27 and Monday 9/28.

Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spring Hill Publix Coupon Policy ~ UPDATED 9/22/09

Before I begin this post...On behalf of all my Faithful & Frugal readers & alumni...I must say a great big THANK YOU to Mr. Lewis Jones for taking the time to meet with me and for being such a huge help to our couponing community! We truly appreciate all that you do to help make our coupon shopping experience in your store such a success!!! Thanks so much for your support of Faithful & Frugal!!!

Now...on to the much anticipated news!!! This is a long grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a little while :-)

Well ladies...I met with Mr. Jones this morning at the Spring Hill Publix and we discussed all of the many emails, complaints and problems that you all have forwarded my way as of the last week. I am sad to report that there is in fact a HUGE change coming to the coupon policy. These changes will effect the way we have been able to coupon in the past, however we have to remember to look at the positive side of things, as I will point below.

I am not and I will not be posting any information pertaining to ANY Publix other than the Spring Hill store, since each store's policy could be different to some degree. So...the information detailed below is STRICTLY pertaining to our local Spring Hill store. If you are an out of area reader, please check with your store manager for information specific to the store you shop :-)

Let me clarify some of things that we discussed today...
1) The coupon policy is changing :-(
2) The trail mix instances were not at the SH store as previously told to me by the employees. It did in fact happen at a Franklin location.
3) The trail mix instances did in fact cause a problem and drew the attention of upper management, thus the changes that we experienced last week. The issue involved the amount of overage when buying so many...obviously Publix does not get reimbursed for competitor coupons and they are not in the business of giving away money in the case of 90 bags of trail're talking $180.00 in overage! That is not okay, and it is seriously unethical...the store can not loose $180.00 on one transaction!!! So the District Manager had to implement some limits effective immediately.
4) The change in policy was originally meant to begin once Mr. Jones returned from vacation (set to begin this week) not last week. Now that he is back the changes are being put into motion in a more consistent manner.
5) There was a lot of confusion, even amongst the employees as to what the "new" policy actually was, thus why so many of you received different information based on whom you had spoken with.
6) Mr. Jones wants me to relay his apologies for any inconvenience that any of you may have incurred during your shopping trips this week and last week...he is in the process of sitting down with his employees and making sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the policy change. If you have any questions regarding the new policy, feel free to ask for Mr. Jones directly when in the store, he is happy to help.
7) In the very near future the policy will be posted in the store so that everyone can read it.
8) It is unfortunate that the actions of a few have resulted in changes for the majority. However the changes will be a lot smoother for everyone involved if we can be more educated ahead of time and have a little more patient with the process :-)

So what is the new policy???

Here's what is staying the same:
1) You may use 1 Manf. Q per item
2) Publix will double Manf. Q's up to $0.50
3) Publix will accept competitor's coupons from Target, Food Lion and Kroger
4) You may use a store coupon on top of a Manf. Q...You may use a competitor Q on top of a Manf. Q
5) Publix will accept money off purchase coupons ($5off $30, $10 off $50, etc) on each transaction.

Here's what is changing:
1) You can no longer stack a competitor Q, a store Q and a manf. Q!
Only 2 coupons per item will be allowed...You may use EITHER a store OR a competitor...but NOT both.
2) You can no longer buy multiples of the same item using a competitor coupon on each item. (IE. 3 Tide with 3 comp. q's) The wording on the competitor Q will be key...if it states "one per customer", "one per transaction", or "one print per customer", etc. than you can only use ONE of that coupon on the transaction. If the Q reads "one per coupon" than you could do multiples on the same transaction. You may only do one transaction per day.
3) You can no longer buy unlimited amounts of BOGO or Sale items. The new LIMIT will be 4 Sale/8 BOGO items per customer, per ad cycle.
4) Management has the right to impose "quantity rights reserved" as printed in the ad...meaning they can limit the amount of items purchased at anytime if the need arises. The manager can limit based on shipment schedules and supply in storage.
5) The Publix penny item is meant to be one per one person running multiple transactions to get more than one penny item would be incorrect. The actual coupon states "limit one deal per coupon per customer".

Bottom line...will there be flaws with this new system? Possibly....BUT that is where shoppers are held to a standard of integrity not to abuse the system. The fact remains that if we (Faithful & Frugal women of God) remain ethical and use integrity when using coupons and abide by the policy, we should be just fine :-)

The positive side of things:

1) Our Publix will accept Target as a competitor...many do not!
2) Our Publix is still accepting competitor coupons in general...the SH and TS Krogers no longer accept ANY comp. Q's!
3) Publix offers us outstanding customer service! They will even unload your groceries for you in your car...Their competitor's do not!
4) Publix offers us a penny item EVERY week. This item is normally valued at $3.00-$5.00! We only pay $0.01!
5) We are very blessed to have a store manager who is excited to have our business and also works as an advocate for all of us couponing ladies! If you have ever dealt with the management at our local Kroger, you know exactly what I mean, they are most definitely not helpful!

**I know that this is somewhat disappointing news and I am sorry that things have had to come to this :-( But truth is, it's not the end of the world and we can still have great shops even with these changes ;-) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this policy change. I ask for your help in making the transistion, please remember God is watching how we react and how we handle things...and so are others, so let's all be good examples. Also, show a little compassion to the cashier's and management during this time too, this is has been a very difficult and confusing process for them also!**

Monday, September 21, 2009

Whole Foods Coupon ALERT!

Whole Foods has another great FREE coupon sheet coming on the lookout for these at local stores.

The coupons are:

Sept 30th- Oct 6th — Free Gallon of Milk

October 7th- 13th — Free Parker House Rolls 8ct wyb Whole Foods Soup 1 qt.

October 14th - 20th — Free Carving Pumpkin

Valid only in AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, TN.

Thanks Southern Savers for the heads up!

National Coupon Month ~ September

September is National Coupon Month and you can go to the Coupon Council website to learn all about it! The site lists some great statistics on coupon usage as well as the history of coupons, who uses coupons and where to find coupons! There is even a place to share your coupon stories :-)
Be sure to check out THIS page on how to teach your kids about coupons :-)
Also check out THIS grocery shopping worksheet!
Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coupon Preview ~ 9/20/09

This Sunday 9/20/09 you can expect 2 inserts in your paper:

1 Smartsource and 1 Red Plum

Remember that CVS and Walgreens are still running a deal on the Sunday Tennessean for $1.00 each. Inserts vary by region and will always be better in the paper with the largest distribution!

Publix Penny Item ~ 9/20 & 9/21

The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Sunday & Monday, 9/20- 9/21, is:

Publix Coffee

This week's penny item is available with a $10 purchase (before coupons) and is only available on Sunday 9/20 and Monday 9/21.

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

American Girl ~ $5 Movies

$5 DVD offer from
Own the full-length movies of Kit, Molly, Felicity, and Samantha for $5 each (regularly $19.95).
Offer Ends 9/30/ can purchse all 4 movies for onbe shipping fee of $4.95.

There is a limit of 1 DVD (of each type) per customer order.
**Felicity was sold out as of this morning!** :-(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ATTN: Spring Hill Publix Coupon Policy Change!!!

If you are local to Spring Hill...then this applies to you:

I wanted to update everyone on something I learned today during my shop. I will be contacting the store manager once he returns from his vacation (I'm not bothering him during his well needed break :-) I will update once I talk with him directly!!! BUT until then, this is what I was told today:

1) As of yesterday 9/15/09, the corporate "big wig" that came to the SH store has stopped the use of multiple Food Lion/Target competitor's coupons for the same item. What that means is you can now only use ONE Food Lion/Target coupon per like item per customer per day! You can not do separate transactions on the same will be enforced at one coupon per customer per day only!

So...let's say, in the case of the trail could buy 1 bag and use 1 FL q...per day. You could buy another item on the same transaction...let's say tide and use 1 FL q on it per day! Make sense? So you can use more than one FL q as long as it for a different item.

WHY the sudden change, you ask? Well...seems the lady who tried to buy 90 trail mix was not alone...oh, no...someone else tried to buy 64 in one transaction!!! Ey yi yi!!!
So bottom only took a few sour grapes to spoil the whole bunch :-(

2) Publix will be enforcing a NEW policy effective 9/15/09 that will limit the number of items you can buy for Sale and BOGO items.

Anything that states in the ad "Quantity Rights Reserved" is now limited as to how many you can buy.
BOGO is limited to 3 deals or 6 Sale items. (This number may change once I can actually talk with Mr. Jones, but this is what I was told today)

WHY the change here, you ask? Great question...well...simply because some shoppers are going into the SH store and clearing the shelves of certain 20-30 of one item at a time. SO the store has no choice but to limit the quantities that we can get to allow a fair chance for all shoppers. They can not accurately predict sales trends if one person wipes them out of something and the rest of us have to get rain checks. Please remember ladies, this is not what I teach! We do not promote hoarding, this is meant to be a blessing to your family and those around you!
On a personal note: As frustrated as I am that I lost some of my deals today...I am even more aggravated at the lady or ladies, who shall from here on out be referred to as "the trail mix hussies", because you my dears have made me one grouchy couponer today :-( And in the words of my blogger friend The Krazy Coupon Lady...pick another checkout lane, honey...'cause I don't want you in mine.........please and thank you...there, I was nice about it :-)
Now let us pray...
Dear God, please forgive the "trail mix hussies" today for they know not what they have done. Please bless them Lord and gently remind them that they can't take the trail mix with them when they go to meet you (which might be sooner than later ;-) and please help them to remember to play nice from now on :-) AMEN

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Publix ~ 9/15/09 ~ Spent $0.72 SAVED 95%

I stopped by Publix tonight on my way to teach a class...boy, were there slim pickings! The shelves were wiped clean of alot of the things I went I went ahead and grabbed a few things and got my rainchecks for the rest :-) I originally had 4 bags of Trail Mix...I was really disappointed to learn that I could only use one of my Food Lion coupons. The cashier said that they (corporate) had decided to only allow 1 coupon per person due to the fact that a lady had come in and tried to buy 90 (yes I said NINETY) bags of trail mix!!! So bottom line, that spoiled it for the rest of us :-( All I can say is...REALLY...90 bags, that's a little excessive don't you think? geesh
Anyway, below is a pic of what I was able to pick up...

Spent $0.72 ~ SAVED $12.44 (includes $0.45 tax)

4 bags Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta ~ $1.79 BOGO ~ used $1.00/2 MQ = $0.89 each
1 Planters Trail Mix ~ $1.99 BOGO ~ used $2.00/1 Food Lion = FREE +
1 Mott's Natural Applesauce ~ $1.00 ~ used $1.00/1 MQ printable = FREE
1 Revlon emery boards ~ $1.69 ~ used $2.00/1 Publix Q = FREE +

Total $0.27
Tax $0.45
OOP $0.72

New Blog Banner

A great big THANK YOU to Shanna over @ Custom Banner Creation for the new blog banner :-)

If you are in need of a blog banner or a website banner head over to the Custom Banner Creation website to place a custom order. You'll love it!!! Shanna also did another website project for me and I could not be happier!!!

$50 Publix Gift Card Giveaway @

I heart Publix is giving away a $50 Publix gift card!!!
Go HERE to register for your chance to win!
You can enter up to 5 different ways...see the post for more info. The contest will end 9/21 at 11pm.

HT TRIPLES list is up!!!

Jenny over @ Southern Savers has the TRIPLES list up!!! Go HERE to see matchups that will be FREE or CHEAP after coupons ;-) You can now even print a shopping list from Jenny's site...woohoo!
The full weekly ad matchup is HERE and there are some great deals on it as well.
Thanks so much to Jenny for these great matchups!!!

Schwann's FREE Food

Schwann's is giving away $10 in FREE food for the 1st 500,000 new customers. No commitment required! Go HERE to sign up and pick out your FREE food.
Thanks Jessy for passing this along!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Enter to Win FREE Groceries

Ronzoni is offering the "It Pays to Eat Pasta Sweepstakes"
Go HERE to register for a year's supply of groceries (up to $5200) from Ronzoni! Plus when you sign up you will get a link to a coupon too!

It Pays to Eat Pasta: "Enter for a chance to win free groceries for a year.
A total of $50,000 in groceries will be given away:
• Grand Prize (8)-free groceries for a year ($5,200 ea.)
• First Place (42)-mini grocery shopping spree ($200 ea.)"

Harris Teeter ~ TRIPLES

Southern Savers is reporting that Harris Teeter will be having TRIPLES starting on Wednesday 9/16/09. Call your local store to confirm! This could mean we see some area Kroger stores tripling too :-)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I got 6 inserts ~ Yippee!!!

LOCALS: Check your papers really good...I actually found 6 inserts this week (not the 5 earlier reported)!!! I was so happy!
This is a great week to stock up on papers :-)

Publix Penny Item ~ 9/13 & 9/14

The Publix Mystery Penny Item is:
Publix Vanilla Wafers
This week's penny item is available with a $10 puchase (before coupons) and is only available on Sunday 9/13/09 and Monday 9/14/09.
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waffle House Coupon

Go HERE to print a BOGO waffle coupon good at Waffle House :-) Coupon expires 12/31/09

Thanks Frugal Dr. Mom!!!

BIG Coupon Insert Preview ~ 9/13/09

This Sunday, there should be 5 inserts in your Sunday paper!!!
2 Smartsource
2 Red Plum
1 General Mills (smartsource)
Verify this first...BUT this would be a great week to buy a few extra papers!!!
Thanks to Jenny @ Southern Savers...go HERE to see the full coupon preview.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dave's $999 GIVEAWAY!!!

Dave Ramsey is giving a $999.oo starter emergency fund in honor of 9/9/09!!! You can text the keyword of the day to 99158 to enter AND go HERE and fill out the online entry form.

You can enter everyday during the contest period!!!

Sweepstakes begins 9/9/09 and ends 9/18/09.

90% off Certificates is celebrating 9/9/09 with a 99 hour sale!!! SAVE 90%
Enter Discount Code: NINETY

$25 certificates are just $1.00
$10 certificates are just $0.40

Offer ends Sunday, September 13, 2009!
Important Stuff: This offer is 90% off the retail value of Gift Certificates. The majority of $25 certificates are available for a $10 retail price. In some instances, a $25 Gift Certificate may have a retail price of $12.50 or $15.00. Limit of one (1) $25 certificate per visit to a restaurant. There may also be minimum spend requirements. Restrictions on the restaurant certificates vary and are subject to change along with the retail price of the certificate. This promotion does not apply to previously placed orders and cannot be combined with other promotions or offers. Redemption of this offer requires that you agree to all the terms and conditions found at Registration, including valid email address, is required for purchase. When redeeming a Gift Certificate, these savings cannot be applied. Offer valid from Wednesday, September 9, 12:01AM PST thru Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 3:01AM PST.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Publix Mystery Item 9/6/09 & 9/7/09

The Mystery Publix Penny Item is:

Publix Chips

This week's penny item is available with a $10 purchase (before coupons) and is only available on Sunday 9/6/09 & Monday 9/7/09.

Happy Shopping!!!

NO COUPONS ~ Sunday 9/6/09

Just a reminder that due to the holiday weekend..there are NO COUPONS in your Sunday paper today!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spanky's Open house ~ 9/10/09 ~ FREE

Spanky's Driving Academy is the area's only Comedy Driving School!!! You simply must get your teenage drivers to Spanky''s the best program out there!!! Go check them out!!!
Chris (Spanky) Medina is owner and a personal friend of mine...He is the BEST driver's ed teacher out there and combines the real life problems kids face on the road with a comedy twist :-)


Thursday, September 10th * 7pm-8:15pm at the NEW SPANKY'S DRIVING ACADEMY in Franklin.

This is the ONLY Comedy Drivers Education Program in all of Tennessee!

This is a great opportunity for your teen to learn about being a safe and responsible driver and heck, IT'S FREE!!! Parents and teens who are interested in our program may come, visit and watch a potential life-changing 20 minute DVD on Drinking and Driving, Texting, Distractions and Decision Making. We will have soft drinks, ice cream and a raffle for one FREE 2-HOUR DRIVING LESSON! And, you'll be able to try out the famous DRUNK GOGGLES! How cool is that? Please rsvp if you decide to come. Space is limited!

If you take this free class along with your teen then we will give you $20.00 toward classes if you decide to enroll them in our future program! HOW COOL IS THAT? You'll even be entered in our raffle for one FREE TWO -HOUR DRIVING LESSON! We will pick you up at your house!

Topics we will cover are:

Road Rage

Distracted Driving

Learning from Parents

Texting and Cell phone use- A big No No!

Drinking and Driving


Decision Making

Refer your friends to our 36 hour program and if they sign up we will pay you a $20.00 referral fee! HOW COOL IS THAT?

CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR FREE SPOT. 615-541-1315 and Tell Chris or the voicemail how many people you are bringing and make sure you say it's for the FRANKLIN FREE CLASS! Hope to see you there on the 10th!!!

Serving Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Station and surrounding areas.

Website is:

1106 Harpeth Industrial Court in Franklin, TN. 37064 * Located next door to The Factory behind the Mapco Gas Station in the Kevin Wimpy Photography Building

**Spanky's also offers monthly I Double Dog Dare You! Comedy and Music Jams featuring some of the area's most talented teen musicians and comedy actors. Keep checking the site for upcoming shows!

Yankee Candle ~ Huge Sale

I got an email this morning from Yankee Candle Co. They are having a huge sale!
Go HERE to Yankee Candle and get all tarts and votives for $1.00 each...lots of other sale items too!

Procter & Gamble Coupon Book

Go HERE to signup for a coupon book worth $15.00!!!

Glade Money Maker

Go HERE to see Southern Savers post on how to score some FREE Glade Soy candles! This is a money maker too, so hurry!!! Think holidays, these make great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts :-)
Thanks Southern Savers!!!

High Dollar Coupons ~ Star Products

Go HERE and take a survey about the Star brand. Just for doing so, you'll get 5 $4/1 coupons valid to use on any Star products! These coupons will be mailed to you.

Thanks Hip 2 Save!!!
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