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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coupon Preview ~ 1/31/10

This Sunday 1/31/10, you can expect 2 inserts in your Sunday paper:

1 SmartSource
1 RedPlum

Also...remember that there may be regional variations, so the larger the paper distribution the better chance of getting all the inserts :-) So pick up the paper with your area's largest distribution (I buy the Tennessean) as papers with lower distribution do not contain as many coupons.

Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coupon Preview ~ Sunday 1/24/10

This Sunday 1/24/10, you can expect 2 inserts in your Sunday paper:

1 SmartSource
1 RedPlum

Also...remember that there may be regional variations, so the larger the paper distribution the better chance of getting all the inserts :-) So pick up the paper with your area's largest distribution (I buy the Tennessean) as papers with lower distribution do not contain as many coupons.

P.S. Dollar Tree still has the Sunday Tennessean for $1.00

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Faithful & Frugal Foodie Friday

Here in Middle TN it is a damp, cold, dreary day...SO I thought what better day than today to share one of my favorite sweet comfort food treats with you...

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of The Pioneer Woman...It all started a few years ago when Kelley, a good friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of Pioneer Woman. There's so much to see...Cooking. Photography. Confessions. Marlboro Man and Charlie. The punks. And then there's the novel...ohhhh...the novel! *sigh* I have been a devout fan every since. So much so, that for the last 2 years PW's recipes have always made an appearance in the classes that I teach and I always make a point to introduce class participants to PW...because the world just needs to know about her...they just do. And now you do too :-)

Not long ago I had the opportunity of meeting Ree (aka PW or P-Dub) in person at one of her cookbook signings. A few girlfriends and I headed out for a fun girl's night out and braved the lines at the bookstore to get a chance to meet Ree, up close and personal.

Here we are...that's Lori, me and Kelley...waiting in line...waiting and waiting and waiting ;-)
It was well worth every minute...I mean hour (or 4 or 5) in line :-) I was star struck! And YES, she is even more beautiful in person than she is in pictures.We had to get a group shot...what a fun night!!!

Well, long story short...when I got my cookbook home I starting flipping through the pages and was amazed to find that one of my fav recipes was not in the book...I had company coming that night and I had a lot of day old bread sitting on the I decided to head on over to the PW website and just print the recipe...but since it's not in the won't be able to find it there either...thus the reason for sharing it on the blog :-)
Without further's the best darn bread pudding you'll ever eat!
Pioneer Woman's
The Best Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels Cream Sauce
2 eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter
2 tablespoons vanilla
2 1/2 cups milk
2 cups sugar
3 1/2 to 5 cups sourdough bread, cut into 1-inch cubes
1/3 cup pecans, chopped finely
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Beat together eggs, butter, vanilla, and milk. Add sugar and mix until sugar is dissolved. Arrange bread cubes tightly in a nine-inch baking dish, keeping the crust facing up around the edges in scattered within the dish. Pour liquid over the bread. Sprinkle pecans all over and bake for 55 to 70 minutes, or until crust is golden brown all over the top.
While the bread pudding is baking, make the Whiskey Cream Sauce:
1/2 cup sugar
1 stick butter
1/2 cup cream
1/4 cup Jack Daniels
Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Stir constantly over low heat until mixture reaches a low boil. Pour a small amount over the individual servings of bread pudding.

You can go HERE to see the recipe on the PW site complete with an amazing step by step pictorial.
But here's what mine looked like...

Oh My!!! See those little crispy brown edges? Here take a closer look...

Yep, that's them...those little crispy brown edges are the BOMB Diggity, YO! Fo rizzle!!!
(Whoa...where'd that come from???)

Now...see this sauce below?'re gonna want an IV of this stuff...It's really good. Really.

It's butter...and heavy cream...and sugar...with a little kick ;-)
Hey, I never said this was gonna be a low fat dish, now did I? Nooooo, in fact I specifically said "comfort food" were warned...besides, a little butter never hurt anyone!

Here's what you'll need to do...
1) cut a small piece of bread pudding
2) put it on a nice little plate
3) drizzle with some cream sauce
4) eat the pudding, lick the plate
5) repeat!
~ Angel
P.S. you might need to hit the gym on Monday. Sorry about that. Really, I am.
Oh yeah, don't tell PW but I added some cinnamon to the cream sauce...yummo! I may or may not have also added some raisins to the bread pudding. Just sayin'. And you can't prove a thing...'cause I have eaten the evidence...bwhaahahhahaha

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Business Spotlight ~ Thursday

Today's business spotlight is on Hummingaway's Glass & Stuff
Who are they: Carol is the owner of Hummingaway's Glass & Stuff located in the Spring Hill/Thompson's Station area. Carol is a craft diva...she creates amazing one of a kind pieces of art and each one of Carol's creations are handcrafted. Carol's daughter, Sarah is an art student at Nossi College of Art and often helps with the drawing and artwork.
What do they sell: Hummingaway's sells handcrafted stained glass artwork, rag quilts and retro record bowls. Every item they create is custom designed and handcrafted.
Take a look:
Retro Record Bowls & Clocks
Handcrafted Rag Quilts
Custom Designed Stained Glass
What sets them apart: Carol custom creates pieces by taking your ideas, the things that you love and turning them into amazing stained glass artwork. Every piece is unique and a one of a kind creation. Carol takes stain glass to a new level in that she makes pieces for both men and women.
For the Sports Fanatics
For the Outdoor Enthusiasts
For the Ladies
Why Faithful & Frugal loves HG&S: Carol is a longtime friend of fact we consider her family :-) She is also a F&F alum. She is amazing at what she does and will work with you to create a piece that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Carol pours her heart into every piece that she creates and that comes through in her work!
How do I find them: You can contact Carol by email at or by calling 931-626-6454. During craft show season you can also find them at the local shows.

What's the deal: Carol is offering a reader discount of 5% off any NEW order. Just mention that you found Hummingaway's on the Faithful & Frugal blog and receive 5% off your first order. (New customers only)

Publix trip ~ 1/20/10 SAVED 85%

I ran into Publix on the way home from church last night to grab the penny item. Here's what my shop looked like:

Total Spent $4.44 ~ SAVED $25.20 ~ 85% savings
I had to purchase the Sudafed from the actual pharmacy (due to law, you have to show ID) and it had to be paid for at the I had my husband take care of that while I grabbed the other items...he was able to snag a penny item for his purchase :-) yeah!

Transaction #1
Spent $3.87 ~ SAVED $7.00 (includes $0.92 tax)

1 Sudafed Triple Action 36ct. ~ $9.95 ~ used $5.00/1 printable MQ & $2.00/1 Publix Q = $2.95
1 Publix paper towel ~ penny item

Transaction #2
Spent $0.57 ~ SAVED $18.20 (includes $1.49 tax)

1 Benevia juice ~ $8.49 ~ used $5.00/1 printable MQ & $4.00/1 Publix Q = $FREE+
2 Sundown Folic Acid ~ $3.79 each ~ used two $1.00/1 peelie MQ & $6.00/2 Publix Q = $FREE+
1 Publix paper towel ~ penny item

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Publix Penny Item ~ Wed. 1/20/10

The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Wednesday 1/20:

Publix Paper Towels

This week's penny item is available with a $10 purchase (before coupons) and is only available on Wednesday 1/20 in the Nashville area.
Please remember that at most stores you will have to have the coupon to get the penny item.

Happy Shopping!!!

Business Spotlight ~ Wednesday

Today's business spotlight is on Faith Hendrix, RN/LMT
Who are they: Located in the Spring Hill/Thompson's Station area...Faith Hendrix is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Nurse who specializes in bodywork...otherwise known as massage.

What do they sell: Massage therapy...Rest, relax and rejuvenate in the privacy of your own home or office. Faith offers several types of massage...Swedish, Acupressure, Craniosacral and even Integrative, where Faith will custom design a massage package that will benefit you most. Faith offers 30, 60 & 90 minute massages and gift certificates are available as well.

What sets them apart: Faith comes to you! You can enjoy a relaxing massage in your own home or at your driving in traffic, getting tense and then trying to relax/rejuvanate, only to have to drive in traffic and get all tense afterward :-) In home/office sessions are available within a 15 mile radius of the Spring Hill/Thompson's Station area (outside of area sessions are also available for an additional fee). Another thing that sets her apart is that Faith offers childrens massage, perfect for those little sports players :-)

Why Faithful & Frugal loves FH, LMT: Faith is a longtime friend of mine...she is a F&F alum and sister in Christ. Both myself and my husband have been blessed by Faith's massages and they are truly do not feel the same after she has had a chance to work on your body. I have also had the benefit of seeing the manifestation of Faith's work in other people...many of my friends have seen her for chronic pain/medical problems and the results are amazing. Whether you are looking for a day of luxurious pampering, a relaxing therapuetic massage or are in need of massage for pain management...Faith is the person to call. You will not be disappointed!

How do I find them: To contact Faith with questions or to schedule a massage, email or call (615) 305-9959. You can visit the FaceBook page HERE and become a fan.

What's the deal: Mention that you heard about Faith Hendrix, LMT on Faithful & Frugal and receive $10 off any massage session.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Business Spotlight ~ Monday

Today's business spotlight is on Custom Banner Creations
Who are they: Custom Banner Creation is owned by Shanna Brawner...CBC has designed and created banners and layouts for both personal and professional blogs, journals, social networking sites, and websites for over 3 years. They will work with you, so that you're completely satisfied!
What do they sell:

*Banners for Etsy, Blogger, Myspace, and websites
*Layouts and Backgrounds for Blogger and Myspace
*CBCvites (Digital Email Invitations)

What sets them apart: CBC specializes in "Floating" banners and backgrounds which is a style that goes beyond the standard rectangle shape and contains floating images instead of one standard image.

Why Faithful & Frugal loves CBC: Shanna's work is outstanding...ever project is customed designed with you in mind. Shanna has created banners for me personally on both this blog and my business website and I could not be more thrilled with her work. Just take a look at the Faithful & Frugal banner above to see an example of CBC's work. The CBCvites are awesome...they are digital email invitations that save you time and look amazing! Whether you are looking to simply add a banner to your personal blog or jazz up your professional website, you need look no farther than CBC!

How do I find them: You can visit CBC's website at:
You can also email Shanna at

What's the deal: Mention that you heard about CBC on Faithful & Frugal and get 20% off the price of a banner, background, or banner/background package.

Monday, January 18, 2010

High Dollar Q's available at Kraft

Cooking with Kraft is offering some Publix coupons that are high value...

Go HERE to print yours

$1.50/1 Triscuit or Wheat Thins
$1.50/1 Planters Nutrition
$1.50/2 Kraft salad dressings
$0.55/2 Jello Pudding or Gelatin

FREE Milk coupon

The Great Gallon Give is going on again!

Go HERE to enter to win FREE milk for a year and after you register be sure to print your coupon for FREE milk with $100 in groceries.

Print is limited to the first 125,000 HURRY!

Enter to win FREE groceries for a year! is an online family calendar thta helps keep your family organized! is giving away FREE groceries for a year! Go HERE to enter your email address for a chance to win.

You can also play a game for a chance to win daily prizes too!

By clicking the link in this post, you are also giving me one more shot at winning :-)

Discovery Center ~ Murfreesboro = FREE admission Today Only!

TODAY ONLY ~ The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro is offering FREE admission!!!!
MLK Day Celebration Click HERE for more info
Monday, January 18 • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Free Admission!

Take a Martin Luther King, Jr. scavenger hunt
Try recipes in Cissie’s Kitchen
Create arts and crafts celebrating African American artists
Thanks Jody for the heads up :-)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coupon Preview ~ Sunday 1/17

This Sunday 1/17/10, you can expect 2 inserts in your Sunday paper:

1 SmartSource
1 RedPlum

Also...remember that there may be regional variations, so the larger the paper distribution the better chance of getting all the inserts :-) So pick up the paper with your area's largest distribution (I buy the Tennessean) as papers with lower distribution do not contain as many coupons.

P.S. Dollar Tree still has the Sunday Tennessean for $1.00

Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Brief Intermission

Hi Everyone...

Just wanted to give a quick update...I have family visiting from out of state and in order to give them my full attention, I have decided to take a little break from blogging...I will resume our "Spotlight on Business" postings next week :-)

If I see something that is too good not share, I will more than likely post it to our Facebook make sure you are fan on Facebook so you don't miss a thing.

Thanks so much!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Publix & Kroger trips ~ 1/14/10

Here are my shops for last night...

Spent $14.69 (includes $6.12 tax)
SAVED $80.96 (85%)

**this was 4 separate trips combined**

4 Lenders bagels
4 Pam cooking spray
4 Benevia vitamin drinks
4 Gatorade (6 pack)
2 Juicy Juice juice boxes (8pack)
2 GE lightbulb (4 packs)
2 J&J rolled guaze
2 Sundown vitamin D
1 Sudafed sinus
2 Publix grape juice (penny item)

Spent $9.46 (includes $2.08 tax)
SAVED $30.54 (75%)

1 Danimals yogurt drink (final price $0.88)
1 Danimals yogurt crush cups (final price $0.88)
4 Activia yogurt (final price $0.88 each)
2 BIC pens (final price FREE)
5 Healthy Choice entrees (final price $0.35/5 = $0.07 each)
4 Birds Eye steamfresh veggies (final price FREE)
1 Scotchbrite erasers (final price $1.75, no coups)

For all the coupon matchups for these trips please visit:

Kroger ~ Healthy Choice deal

Here's a great way to snag 5 Healthy Choice entrees for only $0.35...that's $0.07 EACH

(While you can pick these up at Publix this week for $0.50 each...I found that Kroger had a better deal)

Here's the scenario:

These are at the SH Kroger for $2.07 (reg. price)

Buy 5 Healthy Choice entrees @ $2.07 each
Use $5 off 5 MQ coupon printable HERE
Use $5 off 5 Kroger ecoupon HERE

Total = $10.35
- $5.00 printable Q
- $5.00 ecoupon
Final Price = $0.35 for 5 entrees
Thanks Southern Savers for the heads up on this great deal!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Business Spotlight ~ Wednesday

Today's Business Spotlight is on Twisted Ribbons

Who are they: Amber is the owner of Twisted Ribbons, a home based bow & barrette business. They are located in the Spring Hill/Thompson's Station area. Amber is an engineer turned stay at home mom to two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen ;) Her oldest is five yrs old, and her youngest is two. Amber says she has thoroughly enjoyed raising her girls here in Williamson county. Amber originally started making bows for her little girls because she was having a hard time finding things that she liked in the stores. People starting asking her about the bows and barrettes she was making and before she knew it she was making them for others too. It has pretty much snowballed from there!

What do they sell: BOWS...some of the cutest little hair bows you have ever seen! They also make barrettes too! There are big ones, little ones, twisted ones and straight ones, character bows and even bottle cap bows...but no matter how you look at it...they are all super C.U.T.E.!!! Some of their most popular items are the Disney Princess bows and Ballet & Soccer bows.
If you need help choosing the style of bow your little girl needs...then check out Amber's post
HERE for more information on selecting the right type.

Why Faithful & Frugal loves TR: What's not to love??? Amber is a very talented, stay at home mom and her bows keep the little girls of Spring Hill/Thompson's Station (and beyond) looking absolutely fabulous! Every bow that Amber makes is handmade and full of love. Amber is also an avid couponer and fellow money saver/deal seeker ;-) and we all LOVE that!
How do I find them: The majority of Twisted Ribbons business is internet based, however you will occasionally find Amber at the local craft shows too! You can visit her blog at to see posts of some of her latest designs.

And, Amber just opened a new online store on WiNKELF, which they are very excited about. The store's website:

You can also email Amber at
You can also become a fan of TR on Facebook by going HERE, so be sure to look them up!

What's the deal: Amber is offering a very special Faithful and Frugal reader discount to the readers! Put in "Faithful and Frugal" in the code box for purchases at the online store, and receive 15% off your purchase.

Publix Penny Item ~ 1/13/10

The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Wednesday 1/13:

Publix Juice ~ 64oz

This week's penny item is available with a $10 purchase (before coupons) and is only available on Wednesday 1/13 in the Nashville area.
Please remember that at most stores you will have to have the coupon to get the penny item.

Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Business Spotlight ~ Tuesday

Today's business spotlight is on Moments by Paula
Who are they: Paula Leach has loved photography since the age of fifteen. She always knew being a wedding photographer was her dream job. Only life had other plans, marriage, children, even home schooling. Now that her children are older, she realized it was not too late to live her dreams. So she studied, and invested in professional cameras. Shortly after she launched her own web site, and entered the world of being a professional wedding photographer. She loves what she does, it's a passion a long time waiting to be full filled. She has several long time friends in the business and she knows the ins and outs of being a successful photographer.
Now her 16 year old daughter has joined her. Often behind the scenes, and this year her daughter has decided to be her official 2nd photographer at weddings. They work beautifully together, and provide heart felt coverage of your most important day.

What do they sell: Paula's philosophy is, to still the story of the milestones in life, through quality imagery cherished by generations. Emotion is what Paula is best at telling in her photographic coverage of your day. She tells your story with all the emotions shared by you and your loved ones. She encourages couples to realize that of all the investments they make for their wedding day to be amazing, the one lasting investment is in their photographs.
She also specializes in Senior and Tween sessions, two amazing mile stones that can not be missed in a families journey. So if your looking for someone who is in-touch with the moment, Paula is your photographer.

Why Faithful & Frugal loves MBP: All you have to do is take one look at Paula's blog to know that her work is outstanding! She has a heart of gold and her passion comes through in her work. Paula is an avocate for Spring Hill businesses, is active in the community and works to support the Business Women of Spring Hill as well.

How do I find them: Please visit the website for more information, pricing and much more!
You'll find the blog at
You can also email Paula at OR call her at 615-804-2964
You can also become a fan of MBP on Facebook so be sure to look them up and while you're there check out MBP's amazing full color brochures!

What's the deal: Paula is offering Faithful & Frugal readers a great deal ~ Just print the certificate below to receive a $100 print credit on a wedding package over $1500 OR a $30 print credit on a regular package. Be sure to mention Faithful & Frugal when you book your session.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Business Spotlight ~ Monday

Today's business spotlight is on The Pink Sugar Bowl! Have you ever seen one of these??? That's a whoopie pie y'all...heaven on a plate!

Who are they: Pink Sugar Bowl is owned by Deana Marcum and located in Spring Hill, TN.

What do they sell: They specialize in Whoopie Pies, Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn, Cookies and soon Czech Kolache!
What is a whoopie pie? Go here to find out and while your there you'll find out the best way to eat a whoopie too :-)
(P.S. I hear the white chocolate popcorn is to die for ;-)

Why Faithful & Frugal loves PSB: Pink Sugar Bowl believes in community, uses biodegradable/compostable food grade packaging and we purchase as much as we can locally to reduce our carbon footprint and support area businesses. We also support a Non-Profit based in Franklin, TN called Against the Grain. 10% of our profits are donated to this amazing organization. AtG's Mission is to Empower single mothers to become self-sufficient, knowledgeable, productive members of society. Please visit their website to learn more about what they do, donations and volunteering.

How do I find them: Please visit their blog for a current menu, contact information and much more!
Be sure to check the website during Farmer's Market season to find out where PSB will be at each weekend. You can also become a fan of PSB on Facebook so be sure to look them up!
What's the deal: Deana is offering Faithful & Frugal readers a great deal ~ You can get a FREE 2oz bag (2 servings) of White Chocolate Popcorn with any 1 dozen cookie order OR a FREE 4oz bag (4 servings) of popcorn with any 1 dozen whoopie pie order.
Just mention Faithful & Frugal when you order :-)

Supporting Our Local Businesses

I am a firm believer in supporting our local businesses...The good news is that there are several Spring Hill business owners in our Faithful & Frugal family. I have been planning for some time to start posting their information to the blog so that we can all start supporting them and I thought what better way to get the word out than to make this week "Community Week" on the blog. So starting today, I will be posting information about a different business each day. My hope is that this will help you find treasures right in your own backyard that you didn't even know existed before now :-) Alot of the businesses will be offering reader discounts what better time to check them out...

Disclaimer: All the businesses featured are locally owned and operated by people that I personally know and I believe in their businesses. Faithful & Frugal is not receiving any compensation for posting the business information...I am simply sharing my opinions and experiences with faithful readers :-)

So...check back later today for the first business spotlight...

See you in a bit :-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

HT Super Doubles trip

I ran by Harris Teeter for a few Super Doubles trips...they were out of alot of the things that I went for...specifically the Special K cereal bars :-( But I had already prepared myself for that since I was going late in the sale and at night...both no-nos. I was still prepared with other coupons though and started looking for some of the other deals...I found them and am thrilled :-)
(This post is a bit different than my normal shopping trip bare with me)
I get questions all the time about why we do what we, let's do a little Q&A...shall we?

The Question: Why do I bother using coupons???

The Answer: See these 2 items below? Well, if I had walked into the grocery store and purchased these two items alone...without coupons...I would have paid (according to my receipt)$6.79 for the Nyquil and $3.29 for the Clorox wipes...that's just over $10 plus tax!
Now...take a look at what all I got for LESS than that same $10 bill using coupons:
That's right...I paid $7.93 (including tax) for everything that you see here!!!
2 Wholly Guacamole
2 Organic Valley cream cheese
1 Organic Valley heavy whipping cream
1 J&J baby oil
1 J&J baby soap
2 J&J baby powder
2 Fiber One yogurt (4pk)
2 Splenda granules
1 Splenda sticks
2 Weight Watchers snack cakes
2 Clorox wipes
2 Ziploc containers
1 Nyquil sinus
2 Ivory bar soap (3pk)
2 Lipton tea bags
3 Sun Crystals
8 Marie Calendar's meals
Question: Is it really worth my time and effort to put together deals and use coupons???
Answer: Ahhh...YEAH :-) Let's do the math...without coupons and sales those same items would have cost me about $100.00...but by spending about 2 hours of my time, I got them for under $8.00...that's a 92% SAVINGS!!!! So YES...I think it is WELL worth it!
Question: Do you really find coupons for the things that your family uses???
Answer: fact everything in this picture is something that my family uses frequently. Do you use Clorox wipes? How about sinus medicine? What about organic cream cheese or yogurt? Do you use iced tea or sugar??? How about soap? (I'm hoping
Of course you do...maybe not the brands that I bought...but you use most of this stuff too ;-) So why not get it for the best price? That is the real question :-)
Question: What do coupons have to do with being a better steward of God's blessings???
Answer: That's a grrrreat question...Coupons are just one avenue that we use as a family to be better stewards of God's stuff...I view the money that my family has as a blessing from God...if I can save some of that money by using coupons (being a good steward with God's money) than I can use that money for other getting out of debt, helping other families or sowing seed into other ministries (like our local church, Compassion International, Blood:Water Mission, etc.). I feel that is what God would expect us to do with our blessings :-)
Question: How can I learn how to do this???
Answer: There are lots of ways to make your money work harder and Faithful & Frugal would love to teach you how...Contact us about joining a class or hosting a class at your church. Be sure to join our blog email list to have the most current posts emailed to you. You can also join us on Facebook by becoming a fan on the Faithful & Frugal fan page :-)

Coupon Preview ~ Sunday 1/10/10

This Sunday 1/10/10, you can expect 2 inserts in your Sunday paper:

1 SmartSource
1 RedPlum

There are also some in ad Publix coupons in your Publix insert, so be on the lookout for them :-)

Also...remember that there may be regional variations, so the larger the paper distribution the better chance of getting all the inserts :-) So pick up the paper with your area's largest distribution (I buy the Tennessean) as papers with lower distribution do not contain as many coupons.

Happy Shopping!!!

NEW ECoupon site

Great News!!! Kroger has added a new site to load ecoupons to your Kroger plus card!

Go HERE and register your shopper card then download the coupons directly to your card :-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Publix Trip ~ 1/6/09 Spent $12.30 SAVED $21.07

I had to run to the store to get milk and trash bags...we needed both and a snow storm was predicted to hit us today so I decided to run to Publix and grab those 2 things as well as the penny item and a few cheap items...Here is what my trip looked like:
(Sorry no pic this time)

2 Glad forceflex trash bags ~ 2/$7.00 ~ used $1.00/1 MQ printable = $2.50 each
1 gal Publix milk ~ $2.59 ~ no coups = $2.59
2 Betty Crocker muffin mixes ~ $2.69 BOGO ~ used $0.40/1 MQ = $0.55 each
2 Juicy juice 64 oz. bottles ~ $3.65 BOGO ~ used $1.00/2 MQ printable & $1.00/1 Target = $0.32 each
1 Egg Beaters seasoned variety ~ $2.79 BOGO ~ used $1.00/1 MQ printable = $0.40
2 Prego sauce ~ $2.19 BOGO (raincheck) ~ used $0.50/2 MQ = $0.60 each
1 Publix tortilla chips (penny item) = $0.01

Sub Total: $10.93 ($7.60 was milk and trash bags, ugghh!)
Tax: $1.37
Total OOP: $12.30
SAVED $21.07

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

IHeartPublix Gift Card Giveaway

Head on over to and help celebrate 1million visitors to the site...I Heart Publix is giving away free stuff! Enter a giveaway for a $100 gift can enter up to 5 times by following the instructions...Giveaway ends tonight, so HURRY!

Publix Penny Item ~ 1/7/09

The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Wednesday 1/6:

Publix Tortilla Chips

This week's penny item is available with a $10 purchase (before coupons) and is only available on Wednesday 1/7 in the Nashville area.
Please remember that you will have to have the coupon to get the penny item.

Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Harris Teeter ~ Super Doubles

Well it looks like Harris Teeter will be doing Super Doubles again 1/6-1/12...head on over to Frugal Dr. Mom's site for all the details. She has listed some great catalina deals to match up as well :-)

Hopefully the local Krogers will be doubling also in order to compete...but we will not know for sure until closer to the actually date...most of the time Kroger won't tell you until the morning that Harris Teeter starts. So you can always call them the morning of the sale :-)

THANKS Frugal Dr. Mom!!!

Publix Penny Item ~ 1/3 & 1/4

The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Sunday 1/3 & Monday 1/4 is:

WELL...there is no penny item!!! All those rumors that have been swirling about the penny item changing to a new date are in fact true...The NEW day for our area is Wednesday.

Here is what I have been able to verify with Mr. Jones at Publix...
1) The penny item will only be available on Wednesdays
2) You WILL have to have the coupon
3) The coupon will be in the Publix ad in the Wednesday Tennessean
4) It is believed that the coupon will also be in the Tuesday edition of the Spring Hill Advertiser News

My thoughts: I don't like this change...but then again I don't like most
This changes the day that I will be shopping, only allows for one day of shopping to get the penny item, as well as changes the way that I have to buy papers...because now we also need to buy the Wednesday edition as well Sunday. The plus to that is that the Wednesday edition often contains other coupons as well. The downside is obviously paying for another paper. But you may be able get a neighbor or family member to save the Publix ad for you :-) If you live in Spring Hill most of you should be receiving the Advertiser News delivered on Tuesdays, so that should be a plus too!

Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below :-)

Happy Shopping!!

Coupon Preview ~ 1/3/09

WooHoo Happy New Year...the beginning of the year is bringing us a huge coupon week!

This Sunday 1/03/10, you can expect 5 inserts in your Sunday paper:

3 SmartSource
2 RedPlum

IHEARTPUBLIX is reporting that there may be a section in one of the inserts that also contains some Publix coupons, so be on the lookout for them :-)

Also...remember that there may be regional variations, so the larger the paper distribution the better chance of getting all the inserts :-) So pick up the paper with your area's largest distribution (I buy the Tennessean) as papers with lower distribution do not contain as many coupons.

Happy Shopping!!!
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