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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Kroger trip ~ 11/21/09 Saving 75%

I had several FREE item coupons from recent Kroger mailings and they were getting ready to expire, so I made a quick trip and picked up a few sale items along with the FREE items...While I was there I used up my ground beef coupons and my seasoning coupons since they were expiring too...all in all a great trip! Here's what I got:

Spent $16.93 ~ SAVED $48.97 (includes $2.54 tax)
1 Kroger large eggs ~ used FREE item coupon = $FREE
1 Dole salad blend ~ used FREE item coupon = $FREE
1 Aleve caps ~ used FREE item coupon = $FREE
1 Tylenol caps ~ used FREE item coupon = $FREE
1 Duncan Hines cake mix ~ used FREE item coupon = $FREE
2 Starkist tuna pouches ~ $1.00 each ~ used two $0.50/1 MQ = $FREE
6 McCormick grinders ~ $1.00 each ~ used six $1.00/1 MQ = $FREE
4 Kroger ground beef (1lb tube) ~ $1.25 each ~ used four 0.50/1 MQ printables = $0.25 each
4 Campbell's tomato soup ~ $0.73 each ~ used $0.50/2 MQ printable = $0.23 each
1 Scotch Fur Fighter ~ 8.79 ~ used $4.00/1 CellFire ecoup & $4.00/1 MQ = $0.89
1 Kroger butter quarters ~ $1.65 ~ used $0.35/1 store coupon = $1.30
4 Kroger gal. 2% milk ~ $2.35 ~ no coups = $2.35 each
2 Kroger 1/2 gal. chocolate milk ~ $0.99 ~ used $1.00/1 wyb 2 gal. white milk MQ printable = $FREE+
**I normally only buy organic milk, because of the added hormones in regular brands. So when I went to the store I intended to get organic...however it was $2.50 more a gallon, when I read the label on the Kroger milk it stated that their farmers pledge not to treat their cows with for this deal we will give it a try :-)

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