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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kroger ~ 8/21/09 ~ SAVED $276.43 (80%)

I took advantage of the mega deal @ Kroger this week...I got $364.13 in groceries for $87.70!!!
It's late and I just don't have the energy to post all the coupons tonight as we just got home and got everything put away...but I wanted to get the pic up anyway :-) This was a great stockpile trip so some of these items will go to my parents too which is always a blessing!!!

Spent ~ $87.70 (includes $15.11 tax)
SAVED ~ $276.43

6 ~ Betty Crocker warm delights
7 ~ Betty Crocker cookie mix
9 ~ Betty Crocker fruit shapes
6 ~ Betty Crocker fruit snacks
8 ~ Betty Crocker brownie mix
4 ~ Trix cereal
3 ~ Chex Mix bars
2 ~ Nature Valley granola bars
2 ~ Pillsbury Cresent rolls
3 ~ Pillsbury Grands biscuits
2 ~ Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls
4 ~ Sobe water
4 ~ Aunt Jemina pancake mix
1 ~ Bunny bread
12 ~ Naked Juice
6 ~ Quaker Quakes snacks
3 ~ Fiber One bars
3 ~ Nature Valley nut clusters
10 ~ Bic Cristal pens (10 pack)
2 ~ Stacy's Pita chips
3 ~ Fiber One yogurt
2 ~ Honey Nut Cheerios
2 ~ Fruity Cheerios
2 ~ Cinnamon Toast Crunch
4 ~ Yoplait Go-Gurt
5 ~ Danimals Crush Cups
4 ~ Activia yogurts
1 ~ Fiber One muffin mix
3 ~ Pillsbury Savorings
1 ~ Dozen eggs
2 ~ Smithfield bacon
1 ~ Duncan Hines cake mix

First ~ I did 3 transactions of 5 B.C. fruit snacks...for every 5 bought it produced a $3.50 catalina...15 snacks = $10.50 in catalinas, I used on those on the 4th transaction (the large order). I earned one $5 reward for the fruit snacks (see below)

Second ~ there is no limit on the mega sale!!! So because I bought 15 fruit snacks above, I got credit for 10 and the other 5 got applied to the big order, (in other words I bought 15 fruit gave me a $5 reward for 10...and then it kept track on my plus card and applied the extra 5 fruit snacks to the big order count) on that order I earned 8 more $5 rewards ;-)

Third ~ I used lots of e-coupons as well as printables and paper coupons ;-) and boy was there were A LOT of COUPONS!!! It was a VERY long receipt too, LOL almost 8 feet to be exact :-)

Fourth ~ remember that my Kroger does not accept competitor's coupons...BUT if yours does you could do even better by lowering your total with comp. coups and possible overages :-)

1 comment:

Dr. Mom said...

Wow. Great planning!

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