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Monday, February 15, 2010

Publix Coupon Policy ~ Updated 2/15/10

Here's a quick update on the most recent changes regarding the Publix coupon policy...

Though I have been told that these changes have been made district wide...this post is pertaining to the Spring Hill & Brentwood Publix only, if your are not local or are located in any other area (Franklin, etc)...I would advise you to contact your store manager directly and see what the coupon policy is for that store :-)

Sadly, Publix has been forced to once again reevaluate their coupon policy and had to make some more drastic changes due to continued coupon abuse. After speaking with my Publix contact, I have become aware of even more incidents in which people are abusing coupons and it really saddens me that what a few choose as okay has made such a huge impact on the lives of so many. I had hoped that after the Trail Mix Hussies incident that things would get better, but instead they have gotten worse :-( Here's just one example of a "shop gone wrong", it seems recently that someone felt it was appropriate to go into Publix at Maryland Farms and not only get $1000 worth of groceries for free but also obtain so much overage that the store actually gave them $65.00 back!!!! THIS BLEW MY MIND!!!!! How anyone can think that a store can stay in business while giving the customer $1000 in groceries and then paying them $65.00 to take those groceries is beyond my comprehension. Now, I am well aware of how coupons work, so I know that the store will receive the majority of that money back from the maufacturer's...however...they do not get all of it back due to store coupons, competitor coupons, penny items and even some BOGO deals. When the store loses money on a transaction it affects every one of the stores employees...because their bonus is based on profit. If there is no profit, there is no bonus. Can you see why sometimes cashier get frustrated with couponers? I can!

I am all about getting the BEST deal on everything and I am the first to want to take advantage of free groceries...Lord knows we all need free stuff in this day and age...BUT there is a wrong way and a right way to do things and we all need to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit on these issues. What may be a personal conviction for me...may not be for you...and that is okay...God deals with each of us differently. But I feel it is my duty to share with you the things that I believe God has shown me regarding ethics and integrity while couponing. What you choose to do with those thoughts is between you and God. I am not placing blame or conviction on anyone...just simply hoping that maybe bringing light to these kinds of things will possibly change perspectives. I know that when I first started couponing years ago...I didn't realize that some of the deals I was getting were not the best way of doing things. It took awhile, some training with store management and some nudging from the Holy Spirit to realize that there were correct ways of getting awesome bargains...and that getting those bargains did not have to come at the cost of causing someone else to suffer, lose a deal or lose money. It's a learning process and it takes being in constant communication with my Heavenly Father. It's kinda one those ask and ye shall receive type things :-) Ask God for wisdom and knowledge and He will be faithful to provide it!
(Climbing down off my soapbox now ;-)

Updated changes to the Publix coupon policy:

1) Publix will no longer accept all competitor coupons :-(
Stores that were accepting GFS, Walgreens, CVS, etc will stop taking them. They will only accept traditional grocery store coupons from competitors within their immediate trade area.
I am aware of the following:

Spring Hill = Super Target, Kroger and Food Lion
Brentwood (Moore's Lane) = Kroger, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and HG Hill

2) The limit on BOGO has been reduced to 3 that means 6 items total.
I am being told that the limit applies to for instance you could buy 6 Cheerios and 6 Raisin Bran because they are different brands...but you could not buy 6 honey nut Cheerios and 6 whole grain Cheerios because they are different flavors not brands...make sense?
I am also being told that the store manager has the final say on BOGO limits, so it is at their discretion to allow more items if they see if proper. For instance, a manager may understand why you need 20 jars of baby food @ BOGO but might not understand why you need 20 bottles of windex @ BOGO...make sense?

3) Stores are now enforcing the fine print on both store q's and manufacturer's q's :-(
That means that if a coupon says "one per customer" or "one per transaction" or the like than you will only get one of those items...period!

Keep in mind that wording is everything, so do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the coupon lingo...because say for instance the coupon reads "one coupon per item purchased" or "one coupon per purchase"...that would be one coupon for each and every item limit...just one per item. Knowing the lingo upfront will help you in the long run because some cashiers don't realize the difference between the way it is worded and it can become confusing, no doubt!

On a side note...know that every time you shop you may experience a slight variance in the way things are handled...obviously a lot will depend on the cashier...BUT if we do our part to shop correctly, then it will make the cashier's job a whole lot easier AND our shopping experience a whole lot more pleasurable :-)

Hope this post has helped bring you up to speed...Thanks in advance for your help in showing the stores that there are a lot more honest, ethical couponers out there :-) You guys ROCK!!!


Sue Slack said...

Thanks for your clarification on Publix. I saw an email you had sent to Andrea about a recent shopping experience at Publix and it scared me to go there to do my big grocery shopping last week. I actually went to Kroger instead! I'll now feel more comfortable going back to Publix next week. Thanks for all you do to help keep us updated.

Kara said...

I CANNOT believe someone got $1000 worth of groceries...I mean do they have a life?? wow! I have always stuck by the couponing rules and hate to see people abuse them. Thanks for the updates!

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