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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This week's bounty ~ Publix & Kroger

Last week I did not make it to Kroger so this week I was anxious to get there and pick up some of the great deals. I also had to run in Publix and grab a few things.

Let's break this down...

First trip ~ Monday to get the penny item, they were out of the Banana Nut Cheerios so they let me sub the Crunch. They were also out of the penny item (cookies) so they subbed brownies.
3/9/09 ~ Publix
Spent $6.23 ~ Saved 18.30
4 Publix brand colas (used Food Lion coup) $0.25/each b/c I bought 4 instead of 3...ugh!!!
4 Cakesters (used manf. coup) $1.15/each I had $1/2 manf. coup not the $2/2...ugh!!! still ok deal.
2 Cheerios (used manf. and Food Lion coup) $FREE
1 Brownie mix (penny item) $FREE

3/10/09 ~ Publix
Spent $9.05 ~ Saved $26.42
Needs shopping = vitamins
3 Publix brand colas (used Food Lion coup) $0.17/each
2 Banana Nut Cheerios (used manf. coup & Food Lion coup) $FREE
1 Egg Beaters (used manf. coup & Food Lion coup) $FREE plus overage
1 Vitamin CoQ10 (used manf. coup & comp. coup) $4.99
1 Vitamin Fish Oil (used manf. coup) $2.74

3/10/09 ~ Kroger
Spent $55.13 ~ Saved $109.33
Needs shopping = milk, hair gel, always, potatoes and onions, ziplocs (I know...ughhh again!)
Rolled the biscuit catalina 2 times on seperate transactions...getting 2 $3.00 off catalinas that were applied to this order.
So in other words, I bought 6 biscuits, used 2 $0.75/3 manf. the catalina.
Bought 6 more biscuits & grapes...used 2 $0.75/3 manf. coups and the catalina from first order, got catalina.
Bought remaining items and used the second $3.00/off catalina on this order.
Took advangtage of the $5.00 off 10 items sale...30 items=$15.00 off order (amounts to $0.50 per item, marked with **)
1 Organic milk 1/2 gal $2.99
2 Tropicana OJ (used 2 manf. coups & 2 Target coups) $0.89/each
1 Always infinity (used manf. coup, Publix coup & P&G esaver) $1.49
1 Schick razor/trimmer (used manf. coup & Walgreens coup, **) $2.50
1 Schick razors (used manf. coup & Walgreens coup) $FREE plus overage
1 Gillette hair wax (used manf. coup & P&G esaver) $2.99
1 Huggies diapers 44 pack size 1 (shower gift~used manf coup, Food Lion coup, & Shortcuts) $3.69
2 Toaster Strudels (used 2 manf. coups, Cellfire & Shortcuts, **) $0.29/each
1 3lb bag Organic potatoes $1.77
1 bag onions $1.49
4 Healthy Ones lunch meat (used 4 manf. coups) $0.92/each
1 Capri Sun 10 pack (used Food Lion coup, **) $0.61
3 Powerade drinks (**) $0.50/each
2 Ziploc sandwich bags (used 2 manf. coups, **) $1.19/each
2 Colgate toothpaste (used 2 manf. coups, **) $FREE
2 Q-tips 375 count (used 2 manf coups, **) $0.90/each
2 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes (used 2 manf. coups, Cellfire, Shortcuts, **) $FREE plus overage
2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks (used manf. coup, Target coup, Cellfire, **) $0.37/each
1 Chex mix (used manf. coup, Cellfire, **) $FREE plus overage
4 Fiber One cereal bars (used 4 manf. coups, Cellfire, Shortcuts, **) $0.05/each
2 Simply Potatoes diced w/onions $1.99/each...should have been on **, making them $0.99/each, checking with store
4 Sargento Artisan cheese (used 4 manf. coups, **) $0.69/each
4 Totino pizza rolls 40 count (used 4 manf. coups, **) $1.79/each
12 Pillsbury biscuit cans (used 4 manf coups, 2 $3.00 catalinas) $FREE
1.16 lb. green grapes $1.15
~ I have completed my mail in rebate for the Publix $10 gift card from my 2/23/09 run with the 15 GM participating items...can't wait to get that back.
~ Mailed in the Publix Italian Sale sweepstakes form.
~ Called in Publix survey from bottom of today's receipt for a chance at a $1000 gift card!!!
** Be sure to check your receipt!!! I found several errors on my Kroger receipt!!!**

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