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Monday, March 30, 2009

Harris Teeter & Publix

Here's the scoop on what I picked up yesterday at Harris Teeter's triple coupon sale and at Publix as well.
**Be sure to read the note below about Harris Teeter triples shopping!!!

Harris Teeter 3/29/09~ Offering triple coupons through Tuesday 3/31/09
Spent $3.60 ~ SAVED $64.83 (includes $2.31 tax)

  • 4 Honey Combs = $0.35/each
  • 3 Sweet Sue Chicken Broth = FREE
  • 1 French's mustard = FREE
  • 4 Frank's Red Hot sauce = FREE
  • 4 French Onion toppers =FREE
  • 2 Argo corn starch = FREE
  • 3 Tide travel packets = FREE
  • 4 Rhodes rolls = FREE
  • 4 Colgate toothpaste = FREE
  • 2 Sauve deodorant = FREE
  • 4 Steamfresh veggies = FREE
  • 1 Totino's rizza roll = FREE

**Please visit for the full coupon match ups.
Also note that you can only use 3 of the same item coupons on one order and can only use 20 coupons per day per VIC card.
The above was done using 2 transactions...My mom also has a VIC card so I was able to buy 4 of most things by having her purchase the other 1 item.
On the first transaction I received a $3.00 catalina on the second I applied the catalina and they OWED ME $0.33...woohoo!!!

Publix 3/29/09
Spent $1.82 SAVED $28.21

  • 2 Danimals crush cups 3/$5.00 used 2 $1.00 MQ = $0.67/each
  • 2 Yo Plus (rain check) BOGO $2.50 used 2 $1.50 MQ = $FREE + $0.25 overage/each
  • 1 Tide $5.49 used $1.00 Publix (future friendly), $0.35 MQ, $0.75 Target (mailer) = $3.39
  • 1 Knox gelatin $1.39 used $4.00 printable Knox products = $FREE + $2.61 overage
  • 2 Dial soaps $1.95 BOGO used 2 $0.35 MQ = $0.28/each
  • 2 Good Life cat food $4.49 BOGO used 2 $3.00 printable = $FREE + $0.75 overage/each
  • 1 Publix dressing (penny item)

** The dial coupons did not automatically double, so I went to cust service and they refunded...although she thought the coupons might be coded to not watch that, if it does not double it makes the soaps $0.63 each


Kara said...

awesome job! :)

Stephanie said... are so good.

Shelley said...

I still have so, so much to learn! You are inspiring, Angel!!

Keeping up with the Kennedy's said...

Thanks ya'll...But GOD is GOOD...not me.LOL He's the shopper, I'm just His assistant;-)

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