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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Publix ~ 12/07/10

Publix ~ 12/07/10
Spent $13.40 (includes $2.14 tax) ~ SAVED $30.53
4 Krusteaz cookie mix $2.19 BOGO - $1.00/1 MQ = $0.09 each
2 Capri Sun $1.79 - $2.00/2 Publix/Kraft Q = $0.79 each
4 Green Giant family size veggies $2.99 - $1.00/1 MQ & BOGO Publix Q = $0.50 each
3 Idahoan instant potatoes 2/$1.25 - $0.75 MQ = $0.38 each
8 McCormick gravy packets 2/$1.00 - $0.25/2 MQ = $0.25 each
1 Cole's garlic bread $2.79 BOGO - no coupons = $1.40
1 Gwaltney chicken hotdogs $1.00 - no coupons = $1.00
1 Publix bread $1.79 -no coupons = $1.79
Notes for this shop: I needed bread and the hotdogs are a kids fav and a decent sale :) I could not get the printable for the Cole's garlic bread :( but needed it for dinner, so I bought it anyway. The Capri Sun were a great deal, as were the veggies since they are the 19oz bags of broc/cheese and those are a huge kids fav around here :) There are better coupons out there for the Idahoan potatoes but the $0.75 one was all I had and I still think that's a decent price.

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