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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville Flood

(My backyard ~ May 2nd, 2010)

I am sure by now that many of you are aware that Middle Tn, specifically Nashville and surrounding areas...was hit by major flooding over the weekend. The city has suffered major damage and flood relief efforts are now taking place. In 2 days we took on between 12-18 inches of rain (depending on the area you live in). The rivers and creeks just could not handle this kind of downpour and they began flooding the city. The Cumberland River was 51.5ft and was still rising as of Tuesday. The devastation is truly unimaginable. Thousands are without homes, cars and jobs. Some even lost their lives...and the death toll continues to rise as the cleanup and recovery efforts take place. Tent City, the home of Nashville's homeless was completely destroyed...Opryland Hotel is shutdown after taking on about 10ft of water...Opry Mills Mall and The Grand Ole' Opry are underwater. Downtown Nashville is completely flooded...The city of Franklin sustained terrible damage and many homes there are completely ruined. The Cool Springs area, including many business and the mall sustained flooding damage. Many of the outlying counties were terribly hit as well and so many people lost their homes and vehicles. It's just unbelievable!

You can check out Facebook and Youtube to see videos and images of all the damage...You can also check out videos and pics of the recovery efforts there as well.

If you are local to Nashville and need to know where you can help out with flood relief or if you need info on where to receive help, please visit our Facebook page HERE where I am posting info on a regular basis.

If you are not local and want to help with the efforts, here are 2 great places that will accept a text donation...your donation will make a HUGE difference:
1) Text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10.00 donation via your cell phone bill to the Red Cross Nashville.
2) Text "Oasis" to 85944 to make a $10.00 donation via your cell phone bill to Oasis Church Nashville (my home church). They are assembling teams daily and going out into the community for flood relief. You can also visit online at and click online giving to make a donation.

Another great way to help out is to donate from your stockpile....Here's what I posted on the FB page, there you will find LOTS of great opportunities and places to donate (churches, fire stations, ministries, etc). Be sure to check it out:
"Attn. Fellow Stockpilers: Today I very quickly grabbed a few items from my stockpile and dropped them off with The Church at Spring Hill ~ If you have been couponing/stockpiling like I have shown you, then chances are you have these items too (see pic below) and can easily make a HUGE difference by donating :-) Right now the biggest needs are diapers, WATER, bleach and cleaning supplies, individually packages snacks and food items, personal care items...BUT please check with the donation location you choose and see what they need most. THANKS!"

Pitch in ~ Help out ~ Make a difference!!! They don't call us the "Volunteer State" for nothing ;-)

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