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Monday, October 19, 2009

Publix (Spring Hill) Policy Update ~ 10/19/09

Hi Everyone...
I wanted to post a short update on how things have been going with the policy changes at our local Spring Hill Publix. I have been on vacation for the last 10 days so I have not been into the store myself for a little while (I am going today though)...BUT I have been in contact with Mr. Jones both before I left and while I was out of town trying to keep up to date on how things are progressing :-)

I have been receiving a very large amount of emails with complaints that shopping the SH store has become less than a pleasure lately and I know that it has been a really rough couple of weeks. I want to update you on the things that I have been talking with Mr. Jones about:

It seems the majority of you are still having problems with certain cashiers not accepting your coupons (including manf. q's), sorting your coupons and not accepting printables. The other concerns I have heard are that there have been a lot of out of stock items as well...and the number one complaint has been that the staff is just not helpful or happy like they were before the change.

1) Let me assure you that Mr. Jones is working very hard to correct all these issues :-) He has asked that I pass along his apologies for any unpleasant experience that you may have had in his store in the last few weeks. It is always the goal of Publix that shopping be a pleasure! Please keep in mind that though this whole change has been confusing for us as has been even more confusing for the team members, they are all adjusting as well.
2) Mr. Jones is in the process of training his team members so that there will be less confusion over what is accepted and what is not...PLEASE hang in there and be patient...this all takes a little time. Regarding manufacturer's coupons...some cashiers were reading the coupon wording and were misunderstanding the "one per purchase" wording...hey, it happens! Mr. Jones has assured me that he has corrected the problem with the manufacturer's coupons not be accepted! You are allowed to use one per item...there should be no more confusion over that :-)
3) Please remember that you can always get a raincheck for any out of stock sale item! ALWAYS get your rainchecks...don't leave the store without them, this will ensure that you will be able to take advantage of the sale once the item is back in stock. ALSO remember that you may still use your coupons with the raincheck...even if they expired during the raincheck period (no more than a week expired).
4) PLEASE ask for Mr. Jones if you are in the store and are having a coupon related issue...I can not stress this enough! He will help get things corrected right away...but also he can't fix things if we don't tell him what is wrong. So please be sure and let him know if there is a problem...also let him know when things are right too, that's always a great thing to know :-)
5) Keep sending those emails to let me know how things are going for you...I will continue to pass along the pertinent information and together we will help gets things back on the right track ;-) Be will get better!

On a personal note: I received countless emails after the first posting regarding the coupon change info...I have to say, I was overwhelmed!!! All your emails were such a blessing to me!!! Thanks so much for all the kind words of encouragement that all of you have sent over the last few weeks. I have loved reading your thoughts and hearing how much you appreciate this ministry and all that we stand for :-) God has blessed us so much and I am beyond thankful for each and every one of my readers/ have all left a fingerprint on my heart and Faithful & Frugal would not be what it is today without each one of you!
Keep up the good work!!! Happy Shopping :-)

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Thanks for taking such good care of us :)

I had an issue yesterday with a raincheck. When I got it, the lady wrote in "4" as the quantity. I told her that I wanted 6. She said yea, 4 BOGO is the maximum so if you want 6 that won't be a problem. I said are you sure they will understand that 4 means 4 BOGO which means 6. She said, yea. Sure enough yesterday, the cashier only gave me BOGO on 4 and I asked him about it, he said you only had 4...UGH!! I knew this would happen. I explained the conversation with the service desk and he fixed it, but there was major miscommunication there.

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